Touring the Social Imaginary

Co-curated with Gina Acebo, September 2012-May 2013

PLAySPACE, The Paulette Long and Shepard Pollack Art Community Experiment, is the graduate student-run exhibition program at California College of the Arts. PLAySPACE provides the resources for student curators to conceptualize and present programming that is especially appropriate for, and oriented towards, the academic community. This programming is presented in various venues and locations throughout the community. For the 2012/2013 year, PLAySPACE co-directors Gina Acebo and Tali Weinberg organized a series of exhibitions and participatory, public programs across the Bay Area in which artists map the social imaginary, using research-intensive processes to ask questions about places and the people that inhabit them. The catalogue is available for purchase at or as a free PDF from

Participating artists and organizations include Ana Labastida, Arash Fayez, Christy Noh, Sadie Harmon, Lauren Marie Taylor, Rachel Brahinisky and Harvey Smith for The Living New Deal Project, Maysha Mohamedi, Colorlines, Kearny Street Workshop, Forward Together, Urban Habitat, Tammy Johnson, Maureen Burdock, and POWER.

Click on the image above to view the catalogue for Touring the Social Imaginary .  

Images from Ellemenopee by Maysha Mohamedi, 2013