About Woven Climate Datascapes

My current research investigates the mechanisms through which we come to understand climate crises, from data and journalistic narrative to embodied and affective experience. I weave climate data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) into abstracted landscapes and waterscapes. The data is coded and materialized with plant-derived fibers and dyes and petrochemical-derived medical tubing.

These woven interpretations simultaneously reify and abstract, respect and critique the climate data they materialize. Data is valuable in its capacity to condense a vast amount of labor, knowledge, and time into a form that can be consumed quickly. But its value as an abstraction is also its shortfall. It obscures its origins as well as the violence experienced by corporeal and ecological bodies at the hands of anthropogenic climate change. Weaving draws attention to this illegibility and limitation. In the act of weaving, I build up information weft thread by weft thread. Doing so, I reinsert time and labor, and connect with the material and embodied knowledge from which the data was produced.

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Fractures & Fissures

What Color Was the Water?

Drought Portraits & It’s Not Just About the Rain

Jacquard Residency: CA Drought Portraits

Field Studies