Fractures & Fissures

Fractures & Fissures are part of an ongoing project to weave interpretations of historical climate data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) into abstracted landscapes. 

The Fractures and Fissures series are an exploration of how the same knowledge can be presented in multiple ways; the effect of representation on perception; and the potential loss or damage resulting from this process of dividing/ breaking/ fracturing. I am interested in the ways data is aggregated: the ways we chop things up and break things down into smaller pieces to try to understand, and in the politics/ power/ assumptions embedded in how data is aggregated. 

Each Fracture is an interpretation of climate data that adds up to the full globe. However, in each piece the data has been aggregated differently. 1) land, ocean; 2) northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere; 3) n. hemisphere land, n. hemisphere ocean, s. hemisphere land, s. hemisphere ocean. The data is interpreted as vertical lines moving from left to right/past to present. These abstracted landscapes draw compositional elements from breaks and shifts in the earth as well as from horizon lines, reflections, and sun rises/sun sets which are fleeting moments, moments of transition.

Each Fissure is an interpretation of the same climate dataset for the full globe. While the data is the same, the coding shifts from piece to piece. 

All Photos: Miranda Brandon


4 Weinberg_Tali_Fractures1-3_Installation.jpg

Installation of Fractures 1, 2 & 3 at 108 Contemporary, Tulsa, OK, 2018, each 54"x54"



Installation of Fissures 1-8 at 108 Contemporary, Tulsa, OK 2018, each 19.5"x21.5"