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“Can Art Help Save the Planet” by Alina Tugend for the New York Times

March 12, 2019

“The University of Colorado Art Museum, using resources at its doorsteps, is showing “Documenting Change: Our Climate (Past, Present and Future), until July 20. It encompasses 70 works of art by 30 artists.

It includes pieces by Tali Weinberg, who incorporates climate change data and drought data into the textiles she weaves, and a four-hour video by Peggy Weil, “88 Cores,” which connects images from 88 ice cores from the nearby National Science Foundation Ice Core Facility”

"A delicate act," by Zack Reeves

April 2018

"Every morning I walk from the River Parks 41st Street Plaza down to the long bridge spanning the Arkansas River at 51st Street. It’s a peaceful way to start my day. Often I’ll stand underneath the bridge, staring up at the automobiles zooming east and west, admiring its stability. Wondering how, exactly, it carries all that weight.

I’ve thought about bridges each time I’ve visited “Variations on the Theme of Loss,” a new show at 108 Contemporary featuring the work of Tulsa Artist Fellows Tali Weinberg and Emily Chase. The show accomplishes a tactful balancing act..."

"Tali Weinberg: Textile Translations" by Tenzin Tsomo

Spring 2017

"Tali Weinberg is an artist and a translator. Her timely and relevant works are tangible translations of ideas, conversations, and data pertaining to social justice. Meaning is transmitted through the fiber she chooses and dye materials steeped in histories of their own, but also by utilizing her knowledge of textiles and language to make new inquiries. Social and cultural theories seamlessly materialize through her extensive research and all-encompassing practice..."

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